Walton County
Economic Development Alliance

The Alliance

The Walton County Economic Development Alliance was created in the 1990's to spearhead the diversification of the County's economy, attract new investments to the region and create incremental jobs. We aim to provide local and prospective businesses with the tools and resources they need to achieve success.

Through partnerships with area organizations, we facilitate growth and expansion by supporting current and new businesses. Our goal is to develop a vibrant local economy, grow quality jobs and ensure national and global demand for Walton County resources.

Our Mission

WCEDA will serve as Walton County's driving force for the attraction of investment and creation of family-wage jobs. WCEDA will work to achieve economic diversification, cultivate a business-friendly environment, promote sustainable development, increase community wealth, address infrastructure challenges and improve the overall quality of life. The Alliance's Board of Directors and staff are committed to working with existing businesses and prospective new ventures to identify opportunities and make the most of incentives offered by Federal, State, and local entities.